Save libraries! Bring back curtain twitchers!

CCTV is a marvellous thing.  All that watching people and stuff.  Once upon a time it was a particularly annoying curtain twitcher type who would know everything you do and tell all and sundry.  Now it’s random strangers sitting in control rooms following you around the streets and seeing where you buy your underwear from.  Oh yeah, and watching criminals and stuff.  That bit is the important bit.  Not the creepy, “follow people around without them noticing” business.  Or even all that “creation of a surveillance state that would make a totalitarian regime so much more efficient should it come into being” hand-wringy nonsense.

But it’s costly business this CCTV business.  Over the course of the past four years, local authorities have spent £500m on their CCTV operations.  That’s way more expensive than the local busybody who, in most cases, did not charge for their services.  So why not do away with the security cameras and just employ Mrs Curtaintwitcher from No.37 Sir Valence Close? She’d love it and she’d be a damned sight cheaper.

Library saving rating: 5/5

(Source: Flickr / enjoy-surveillance)

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